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2nd Spaghetti Bridge Building Contest

The 2nd Spaghetti Bridge Building Contest was held on April 27, 2017 at Minoo Hall in SUTIC with the collaboration of Kish Cup Group of Pardis International Campus- SUTIC Public Relations and International Affairs reported.
In the contest the winning groups of the first school competition and the selected team from UAE schools presented their structures and competed with regard to the structures heaviness, lightness, and aesthetic design; the 6 groups competed to win the winning title in presence of the SUTIC’s president and their parents.
The SUTIC’s President considered the objectives of the competition as familiarizing the students with the basic concepts and subjects of engineering fields at SUTIC as well as issues regarding design, creativity and team work in a practical manner. Dr. Selk Ghafari continued by pointing out the importance of promoting team work and time management strategies and he added that the quality of the structures, the time allocated to the execution of the project, and the structures’ strength in tolerating weight were the factors considered for evaluation.
The final winners of the competition were announced after the 6 groups closely competed in the 3 categories of heaviness, lightness, and aesthetic design of their structures.
For heavy structures, Fatimah Public Exemplary School, Kharazami and Ayatullah Khameneyi Technical-Vocational Schools were the three winning teams.
For Aesthetic design, the group from a school in the UAE won the winning title.
No winner was announce for the category of lightness as the structures failed to tolerate the weight.
In the end the winning teams were awarded with appreciation notes and prizes.

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