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Hackahealth News

 In the press conference, Dr Ali Selk Ghafari, The Chancellor of Sharif University of Technology-Kish International Campus, by referring to the Supreme Leader’s slogan for the year 1398 “The Year of Production Boom”, emphasized that by educating and training individuals with entrepreneur spirit in the third generation universities, SUTIC aims to have significant bold steps to foster and improve entrepreneurship and innovation.
The Head of the Hackahealth continued by considering the Health Programming Marathon as a significant start-up event which became possible through close collaborations of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology and MIT with Sharif University as its central axis. He added that the organization and planning of the event which included regular meetings to identify and orchestrate the event have been in progress for the past 6 months.
“Finally, 20 competent teams with national and international members came together to participate in a 72-hour exhilarating and breathtaking competition on the beautiful Kish Island” he said. He mentioned that the internationally-recognized and experienced mentors and instructors provide advice and guide the teams throughout the event. On the final day, the judges score the teams during the closing ceremony in presence of senior government officials and representatives.
Dr Selk Ghafari finished his speech by emphasizing on the importance of holding events like hackathons through which competent individuals are identified and supported. He announced that with the support of the Sharif University faculty members and national and international instructors, some courses have been considered to empower the teams for more successful startup business and knowledge-based companies as well as being able to be part of the domestic and regional markets. “The Sharif University of Technology-Kish International Campus is holding such events to introduce the Iranian experts and elites’ high potentials, move toward the third generation universities’ mission, promote the culture of knowledge-based employment and improve the technological ecosystem in Iran,” he said.

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