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The Opening Ceremony of The 2nd Health Programming Marathon was held on Saturday 27 April 2019 on Kish Island, Persian Gulf.
Dr Ali Selk Ghafari, the Chancellor of the Sharif University of Technology-Kish International Campus and the Head of the Hackahealth event, considered the programming marathon as a significant platform where experts and elites get together to find solutions for the country’s health challenges. One of the costly health challenges in Iran and the world is non-communicable diseases. The 4 challenges to be addressed by the teams during the mobile application programming marathon are cardiovascular problems, chronic respiratory health issues, cancer and diabetes.
The opening ceremony continued with a speech by Mr Kalhori, Head of Kish’s Cyber Security Police- Fata who expressed his appreciation for events like the Hackahealth in which the experts and elites in the field are encouraged to put their knowledge and expertise into effective and good use and address the issues and challenges in the country.
At the end of the ceremony, each team was provided with a challenge and the evaluation criteria were explained for the teams. Dr Bahadorani counted the criteria for evaluation as, innovativeness, the target population size, adoptability, cost-effectiveness and profitability, underlying scientific theory, team work and organization. Mr Nouri, a technical mentor, counted the criteria for technical evaluation as functionality, extendibility, coding, architecture and technology, UX and UI design.

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