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The 1st International Kish Robotic Competition (KRC)



The 1st International Robotics Competition at SUTIC

Sharif University of Technology, International Campus (SUTIC), Kish Island as a renowned university in engineering field has always pioneered events through which the integration of innovation and technology along with lifelong learning has been notably encouraged. This time, by holding the 1st International Robotics Competition, SUTIC embarked on the journey to pinpoint the importance of Robotics education in the global community. The 14 participating teams from 5 international high schools are competing to not only win the first place but also to have the unique experience of being trained and evaluated by experts in the field of mechanical engineering from the high-ranking university in Iran.  

The international campus of Sharif University of Technology provides exceptional engineering and management programs for training expert and committed human resources in accordance with international standards. At SUTIC we are dedicated to creating opportunities for progress; we work together in seven academic departments offering unique opportunities for education and research. SUTIC offers all the academic courses in BSc, MSc and PhD Programs in the English Language. Research is at the heart of SUTIC’s activities and has been successfully integrated into the university’s courses and teaching programs. SUTIC has a dynamic research culture to promote innovation.

There are various educational laboratories in SUTIC. The Robotics Laboratory is one of the educational and research laboratories, that provides specific attention to designing, understanding, and exploiting the dynamics of stationary and mobile systems in the context of challenging environments. The equipment includes two stationary systems with six degrees of freedom, a mobile platform, computers, and a number of major engineering software necessary for mechanical modeling and simulation.


The Robotics Laboratory of SUTIC



What’s a robotics competition

Being among the most joyful events, robotics competitions are significantly popular among school and university students. In these contest, the participating robots are designed and programmed to complete a task and beat their rivals. Branded materials category of robotics competitions is usually sponsored by different companies including Lego. Basic knowledge of electronics, graphic design, web creation is among the skills the participants will use to secure their winning positions.




The Australian, Azerbaijan, British, Croatian, French, Greek, Indian, Iranian, Japanese, Pakistani, Romanian, Tanzanian, Ukrainian and USA students grade 9-12 from Pakistan Embassy International School and College (Tehran), Kendriya Vidyalaya (Indian Embassy School), Savior International School (Qom), Avicenna International School (Tehran) and Nimrooz School (Tehran) are challenged to design a robot in a Lego-concept, hone their teamwork skills, and finally build and program industrial-sized robots to play against like-minded competitors in a uniquely multicultural environment. During the competition, each team is given a specific color to be identified as the representative of their school and there are assigned trainers and mentors who help them to utilize their skills and design and program their robots.


 LEGO Education

“Lives Change when educators have the right tools”

Lego Education has offered the unique opportunity for the students to be creative, smart and STEAM-minded leaders of tomorrow. Providing the necessary tools for educational purposes, LEGO Education is not only a forerunner in promoting lifelong learning and education but also a pioneer to facilitate innovation, critical thinking and problem solving skills which are necessary for an individual to have a bright future. The 1st International Robotics Competition is sponsored by LEGO Education whose instructors and mentors provide the participants with special training and guidance on how to design, build and program their robots to win the contest.




The Center of Excellence in Design, Robotics, and Automation (CEDRA)'s is the premier applied research, education and technology center in IRAN. Established in 2001, it aims to promote educational and research activities in the fields of Design, Robotics, and Automation. Professor A. Meghdari, Director of CEDRA, is the Head of the panel of judges at the 1st International Robotics Competition.



Arash and Armin (The sign language Teaching Assistant Social Robots)

Competition Organizers








Main Objectives

The 1st International Robotics Competition at SUTIC aims to encourage effective lifelong learning and provide the ideal platform for the high school students to

                ·         discover potentials and gain confidence in their abilities,

                ·         learn from experienced professionals and experts in the engineering fields,

                ·         receive trainings and acquire real marketable and practical skills,

                ·         design and program their robots to participate in a competition,

                ·         qualify for scholarships at SUTIC.




Awards and Certificates

The qualified teams compete for the winning positions and awards and every individual participant is entitled to apply for the university scholarships. All the mentors and team members will receive training and participation certificates. The winning teams will be awarded medals and prizes


 Event Details

23rd – 25th November 2019

Duration 3 days


Programming Language:   LAB VIEW

VENUE:  Sharif University of Technology, International Campus (SUTIC), Kish Island


Event Schedule

Saturday 23 Nov. 2019:   Opening Ceremony

Sunday 24 Nov. 2019:      Training Starts

Sunday 24 Nov. 2019:      Training Session

Monday 25 Nov. 2019:    Competition, Award Ceremony









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