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Physics Laboratory

The Physics laboratory presents an opportunity to gain insight into some of the basic principles of physics. The laboratory allows students to experiment with areas of mechanics dealing with static equilibrium, Newton's second law of motion, conservation of mechanical energy, momentum, magnetic levitation, and other relevant topics.

Electrical Principal Circuits Laboratory

This laboratory is designed to help students gain experience by using elementary electrical equipment and devices. It is equipped with modern lab facilities similar to those used in industry.


Analog Electronics Laboratory

This laboratory is used to create the opportunity to design, analyze and build circuits. Students can acquire experience in doing experimental work by designing, constructing, and debugging various circuits similar to the activities performed with industry-standard test equipment.



Robotics Laboratory

This laboratory provides specific attention to designing, understanding, and exploiting the dynamics of stationary and mobile systems in the context of challenging environments. The equipment includes two stationary systems with six degrees of freedom, a mobile platform, computers, and a number of major engineering software necessary for mechanical modeling and simulation.


Mechatronics Laboratory

This laboratory focuses on creating practical engineering solutions by integrating sensors and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) in various applications. The laboratory is equipped with Allen Bradley PLC units, computer, and a programming software which allow students to learn simulation in real applications.


Electrical Machine Laboratory

The laboratory emphasizes hands-on experience for internal construction, physical workings, and operation of electrical machines. These include DC motors and generators, AC three-phase motors, alternators, single phase, and three phase transformers and other electromechanical devices, to gain valuable experience with real electrical power equipment.


Pneumatics Laboratory

The Pneumatic laboratory is an applied laboratory used for education and research purposes. Its primary objective is to generate multidisciplinary knowledge applicable to the design and development of fluid mechanics, hydraulic and pneumatic systems and their use in the automation of machinery and industrial processes.


Digital Logic Circuit Laboratory

This laboratory exposes the students to basic digital logic design. It is equipped with a variety of tools which allow the students to program circuit boards, build circuits, and make the required measurements associated with the experiments they perform each semester.


Computer Architecture Laboratory

This laboratory is designed to provide a framework for students interested in performance programming, compilers, and operating systems, as well as computer architecture and engineering.


Microcontroller Laboratory

This laboratory is designed to give students experience in studying the fundamentals of assembly, and C languages. Students also conduct experiments on interfacing the microcontroller with other devices such as LEDs, switches, buzzers, motors, keypads, LCDs, ADC/DAC, and terminals.


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