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 the Advanced Test of English Language 

TOLIMO stands for The Test of Language by the Iranian Measurement Organization designed and administered by the National Organization of Educational Testing in Iran, which is in fact the standard test for determining the English proficiency.
The score of each part of the test is calculated on the normal scale and ten times the average of these scores is taken as the total score. The overall score range is from 310 to 677. A score of over 600 is considered excellent, between 520 and 599 good, between 480 and 519 satisfactory and less than 479 is considered weak.
It should be noted that the writing section has a separate score and its score ranges from 1 to 6.
The University of Sharif – International Campus is the only test venue on Kish Island.
The details of the test are as follows:

Writing (30 minutes): an argumentative writing task
Grammar, structure and reading (75 minutes)
Listening (30-35 minutes)
Total time: 110 minutes
At Sharif University of Technology – International Campus



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