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Admission » GRADUATE (PhD program) » Admission Requirement

Admission Requirement:

In order to gain admission to SUTIC, students need to meet a certain general requirement as well as certain specific requirements.

How to Apply

Sharif University of Technology carefully considers each submitted application. The applicants must submit the Application form along with the required documents through our Online SUT- International Campus Kish website.


1)   Create an Account Online:

Sign up (for an account) on our online application portal

2)      Wait for your ISO Verification Link:

After creating an account on our Online Application portal, an ISO account verification Link will be sent to your email. Once you verify your email, you will be able to fill in your application form providing us with personal and academic details. Upon submission, you will receive a 10-digit Application ID via email to track your application. The application is reviewed once all the necessary details and documents are submitted. 

3)      Receive a Reply:

Your application and supporting documents will be processed by the University’s Admission Department to review your academic qualifications. Meeting the admission requirements, a formal university acceptance letter will be emailed within one week.

4)      Prepare to Travel:

Once you receive your Admission Offer by email, you may begin to prepare for your trip to Kish Island (Sharif University of Technology, International Campus) after your student visa is issued by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology in Tehran.

5)      Initiate your Registration:

Log onto https://payment.kish.ac.ir  to pay your first installment fee.

6)      Finalize your Registration:

After the Payment procedure, the students can log into their accounts at https://edu.sharif.edu  and register for the program based on the specific time periods of the SUTIC’s academic calendar.


The evaluation of PhD applications is based on the English test score, entrance exam results, academic backgrounds. The SUTIC Academic Department evaluates the PhD applications. The applicants who obtain the required grade of the academic group, will be invited for an interview. Following the interview, the names of admitted applicants will be announced together with the name of supervisor by the SUTIC Education and Admission Committee at SUT.

For more information on the SUTIC Rules and Regulations for Graduate program, such as the academic regulations, duration, student commitments, PhD qualifying exam, research proposal defense, PhD dissertation and research progress, pre-defense and final-defense of PhD dissertation

SUTIC Rules and Regulations of Graduate (PhD Program)



Language Requirements:

According to SUT PhD rules and regulations, the submission of an acceptable score from an official English proficiency test, as shown in Table 1, is compulsory for obtaining permission to take the qualifying exam. A conditional permission can be granted to the student who submits at least two reports of participation in an official English proficiency test to SUTIC graduate studies office in addition to submission of an acceptable test score.


Table 2.
The minimum requirement of English proficiency test for PhD admission and the QE


Admission score

QE Score





















For any other inquiries, please contact SUTIC Language Centre at  07644422299,  Ext. 307

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