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Kish Island, measuring 90 km2 in area, is situated 18 km south of Iran's southern coast. Air travel from Kish to Tehran is 1,052 km and a sea voyage from Kish to other destinations in and around the Persian Gulf is 28 km to Hendurabi, 225 km to Qeshm Island, and 200 km to Dubai.

The pleasant climate on this beautiful island is warm and humid with an average temperature of 27°C making it a perfect destination to live or visit. The temperature rarely surpasses a maximum of 32°C in the hottest months of July and August and during the coolest winter days, the temperature never falls below 3°C.

The Persian Gulf is an abundant habitat for numerous marine species. Many of these species have chosen this region   to escape other hazardous environments. A wide variety of edible and non-edible fish species live in the Persian Gulf's waters. Considering the above-mentioned facts, this island is an ideal place for marine sports and activities whether it is fishing or water-skiing.

One of the major advantages of Kish is its beautiful and calm coasts. Almost all parts of the coastlines are favorable for swimming and different sports and activities. A great array of water sports is on offer including snorkeling, scuba diving, jet skiing, diving, water skiing, paddle boarding, kayaking, excursions to the neighboring islands, parasailing, jet boat rides, fishing, pedal boating, banana boat rides, and windsurfing.

The beautiful sandy beaches on this island captivate the eye with perfect turquoise water and a long shoreline that attracts many tourists during the winter season.


How to travel to mainland Iran from Kish

Kish Island acts as a gateway to mainland Iran with its world of attractions. Tourists wishing to visit other parts of Iran can apply for a visa through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and it will be issued within 2-3 working days.

Among all the Iranian islands in the Persian Gulf, Kish is one of the most significant. No visa is required to travel to this eye-catching resort. Foreign nationals are allowed to stay up to 14 days with no entry visa necessary at authorized arrival and departure points on Kish Island.

Farsi, Arabic, and English are the commonly used languages. Today the population of Kish stands at 30,000. Of this figure, approximately 2,500 - 3,000 are local people with the remainder being made up of Iranians from other parts of the country.

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